Social Media Management

Social Media Management for Joomla

Having trouble keeping pace with the ever-changing world of online marketing? Looking to supplement your company’s existing online presence with one of the most dynamic and effective online marketing tools available to businesses? If so, then Social Media Management might be the perfect opportunity for you company.

In today' online marketing sphere, traditional onset advertisements simply aren't enough to grab the attention of potential customers. Ten years ago, new internet users would regularly click banner adds and be directed to your company’s site. However, today's increasingly tech savvy generation of internet users are much less likely to be wooed by a company that uses only page ads. Today’s ideal internet marketing campaign contains a healthy amount of traditional online ads supplemented by a robust social media presence. Our expert marketing team specializes on implementing this sort of campaign on Joomla sites.

Why can’t my company just stick to traditional online advertising?

Traditional online marketing, typically entailing simple banner ads on various websites and pages, seemed to work for many companies once the internet became the primary frontier for customer acquisition. However, today’s demographic of internet users has grown accustomed to ignoring, circumnavigating, and even blocking many on-site banner ads. Many younger users have long since abandoned clicking on banner ads—so while they may do a good job of getting your company’s name out there—they often don't result in greater website traffic. Even more sophisticated internet users have begun to employ ad-blocking technology that allows them to avoid seeing traditional advertisements altogether. This means that if your company only relies on traditional advertising, your ads won't even be seen by some consumers. Luckily, social media outlets have been able to find ways around ad blocking technology!

What can social media advertising do for me?

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer options to purchase sponsored content that will show up in user feeds whether or not they have ad blocking software. These ads have been observed to receive hit rates much higher than traditional on site advertising. Additionally, a company social media profile can be a great way to promote upcoming sales and events while garnering a special following of loyal customers. These sites are shown to have a high percentage of returning users, meaning that once a customer is hooked, they will repeatedly see your content at little cost to you. Our team of experts was social media certified in 2011 and has experience creating social media campaigns on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Search Engine Optimization

On top of being a great way to market to an engaged customer based, social media marketing has the added bonus of stimulating your site's search engine optimization. This means that when terms relevant to your company are searched, your company will have a higher chance of coming up first on search engine page rankings. The same goes for when you purchase paid search options. Social media can have a huge impact on your company's SEO—Google’s algorithm favors sites that people are talking about, sharing, and discussing! And, any increase in your company’s ranking on Google’s search engine will almost inevitably translate into increased website traffic.

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