Joomla Extensions

Increase Your Site's Capabilities with Joomla Extensions

Does your Joomla site get the job done, but lack the dynamic functionality that allows some company websites to really stand out among the rest? If so, your website might be ready for an upgrade.

Had your website been developed in another language or framework, you'd probably be starting the costly and time consuming endeavor of contracting a web developer to hard code new features into your website. Lucky for you, your website uses the Joomla framework—and therefore has access to the vast library of Joomla extensions. Essentially, this means that adding new features to your website can be as simple as plugging an extension into your existing website’s framework.

Why can’t I just do that myself?

The Joomla extension directory has dozens of categories that comprise a list of over one thousand extensions! Many of these extensions have only subtle differences, but choosing the wrong one can make it nearly impossible to properly configure your Joomla site. While the Joomla framework does make it relatively simple to add an extension to your site, unless you are experienced with Joomla's back end framework, it can be actually quite tricky to configure the extension on your own. Our team consists of professionals who have spent years working with the Joomla framework, allowing us to quickly configure any extension to seamlessly work within your company’s site.

What kind of extensions are out there?

So what functionality can I actually add to my Joomla site using extensions? From content sharing, to e-commerce, to financial services, there are Joomla extensions that encompass almost every feature you could hope to add to your business's website. Popular extensions include those with functionality to monitor and analyze all advertisements and traffic that come through to your site. Moreover, Joomla has already adapted to the ever growing importance of social media, adding extensions that allow you to efficiently integrate content from popular social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter directly into your site.

Perhaps the most popular and powerful categories of extensions are the e-commerce and financial related services that Joomla offers within its directory. The e-commerce extensions in the Joomla directory can transform your website from a strictly informational side-act to a thriving online store that has the ability to generate meaningful revenue for your business. Unlike other similar e-commerce applications, this Joomla extension won’t take a cut of your future revenue. Coupled with the financial service group extension, these Joomla features can kickstart your business's online transactions. These extensions can do everything from market analysis to financial document inspection—making the transition to a fully functional e-commerce website as smooth as possible. With the wide variety of features available through the Joomla extension directory, we can almost guarantee you'll find an extension that can somehow improve your Joomla site’s functionality.

What if I can't find an extension that meets my specific needs?

Despite the vastness of the Joomla extension directory, there are still times when a company can’t find the extension that it needs to take its Joomla site to the next level. However, when working with ICS, this won’t be an issue. Not only can our skilled team of developers find and install the perfect existing extension to fit all of your needs, but they can also customize and program an extension for your individual company!

If you are ready to add functionality and power to your Joomla website, call or text 715.553.1514 to schedule a free, half hour consultation with our programmer. We pride ourselves on being responsive and easy to work with (much like your site will be when we get done with it).