Custom Programming

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We offer a variety of web devlopment services. Our three main areas of expertise include web design, SEO consulting, and social media strategy. Using the content management service (CMS) known as Joomla, we help our clients construct fully functional and aesthetically pleasing web pages to kick-start their business.

Can You Explain ICS' Options and Services?

We have three main service options:

  • Our Web Design options offer the creation of your website, and custom programming for extensions that Joomla lacks. Our top of the line developers can work with you to envision exactly what you would like on your webpage. We provide clients with beautiful and responsive designs. Check out our recent PROJECTS page to see SOME of our RECENT PROJECTS.

  • Our SEO consultants are qualified and enthusiastic! We heavily emphasize the importance of having a presence in search engine page rankings. Our consultants tend to focus on finding your company the best route for increasing site traffic and revenue.

  • We also provide social media strategy. Today, maintaining a diverse set of social media accounts can help build and develop a brand’s identity. We understand the importance of online posts and believe that careful social media planning can make a large difference in your organization’s online presence.

​How Can Joomla Help Me?

Joomla is an incredibly powerful system for online content management and various other website-management related tools. At no cost, downloading Joomla gives you access to a variety of extensions ranging from OCM backup tools to a Google Maps plugin. Joomla offers use of Captcha to block hackers spamming your email forms, works on the most popular browsers, and gives you power over the various roles users on your website can have. Its frequently growing list of extensions means Joomla almost always can provide you, the user, with a solution.

Can You Build A Custom Extension?

Yes! If your business would like an extension that Joomla does not provide, we can custom program that extension for you. If you can't find the right extension within the current Joomla database, we'd love to speak more with you one-on-one about what kinds of extensions your business is looking for. Our developers will work closely with you to ensure we are creating exactly what you would like. The process of requesting a custom-built extension is easy. Just contact one of our Joomla developers for a free 30-minute consultation. They will discuss various routes to creating your extension and can give you details on pricing based on the scope of the project.

Moreover, we ensure our customers that your company's custom extensions will seamlessly fit into the responsive designs of your website.Responsive designs are an incredibly important part of building a respectable, functioning website. With the recent burst of various, modifiable screen sizes, it is important that your website’s aesthetics are maintained while the screen size changes. That’s what a responsive design can do for you. We make sure that your design is responsive and sleek. If you request a custom programmed extension, our developers will work hard to integrate it well into your page's overall design. An aesthetic website can truly make a difference in both reputation and sales. Additionally, using both Joomla extensions and various CSS techniques, our developers can ensure that regardless the platform the site is being viewed on, the user experience will be excellent. We hope we can help you with your online presence and visual pursuits.

The process of building a website can be complex and frustrating at times, but with our consultation and help, your business will never feel like it is giving up features due to a lack of options on Joomla.

To get started, call or text 715.553.1514 to schedule a free, half hour consultation with our Joomla Programmer.