Branding & Identity

Branding can be utilized as a relationship-building asset, creating a sense of trust among customers and allowing them to identify with your company's mission.

A company’s visual identity and brand are more important than they have ever been for attracting potential customers. By nature, consumers will form perceptions and opinions of brands before they even know any product details. A recognizable image is essential to catching the eye of clients and differentiating yourself from the competition. More than a simple logo, a brand is a promise. Branding can be utilized as a relationship-building asset, creating a sense of trust among customers and allowing them to identify with your company's mission.

Elements Important to Your Brand’s Identity

  1. Meaning. A great brand has to stand for something. A brand’s identity should reflect the company’s specific mission, values, goals, personality, and culture. While many aspects of your company should reflect these ideals, the most obvious is your logo. Logos are the fastest and most efficient way of communicating with consumers, acting as a tangible reminder of what your brand stands for.
  2. Look and feel. Reflected in your logo and image, the look and feel of your company’s visual identity should be carefully designed to aiding your brand strategy. To ensure personality, this feel should aim for creating personal connections with consumers, since your visual identity is the first impression of your company that a consumer receives.
  3. Distinction. Nowadays, with so many competing companies in every field, everyone is desperately searching for consumer attention. Your company’s job is to be more than just different—you need to prove and communicate your differences to the extent that consumers can easily understand what makes your business unique.
  4. Coherence. Coherence is important for building and maintaining trust and loyalty with customers. In your logo, business cards, stationery, website, etc. your company must demonstrate your mission to your target audience as clearly as possible. Your company image should not be difficult to understand. In today’s online, fast-paced world, customer attention spans are very short.
  5. Balancing durability and flexibility. Familiar appearances will always be appreciated by consumers. By remaining recognizable over time and enduring changes in consumer taste, your company’s image can stay familiar and maintain continual trust with consumers. Despite this durability, your company must also balance your image with flexibility, keeping an evolving marketing strategy that can adapt to changing social and economic habits as needed.

What Can ICS Do for Me?

Our graphic design team has experience in both print and digital media. Whether you need a new logo to kick-start your visual identity, or customized business cards and stationery for an aura of professionalism, we have what it takes to solve all of your branding needs. 

We offer a comprehensive content management system (CMS) that allows you to choose from a variety of templates to create the perfect website for your company. You'll be able to easily keep track of content, individually customize your web pages, and carefully design the structure of your site, helping you maintain a strong brand identity. We offer an extensive list of features to make it easy for your company to maintain an image far better than the competition in your category.

To get started, call or text 715.553.1514 to schedule a free, half hour consultation with our graphic designer.