Graphic Design

Let us transform your company's brand into a visually stunning and eye-catching masterpiece.

How can I make my website look more aesthetic? Allow us to transform your company's brand into a visually stunning and eye-catching masterpiece. At ICS, we take pride in our graphic design skills—our team has years of experience in both the web and print design industries. Our culture puts careful emphasis on the overall design process—heavily focusing on what sorts of shape structures and color schemes will best complement your company's brand. Our imaging and design tactics will make your marketing materials much more consumer-accessible, giving your customers a brand they can easily identify with.

Why Does Good Graphic Design Matter?

Good design has an intangible quality that can ultimately influence a person without them ever even noticing. Even company materials that seem largely objective and ordinary (like graphs or charts) can be heavily affected by their aesthetic qualities. Appearances are crucial: most people are seriously influenced by their first impressions of your business. Thus, because these initial impressions can potentially sway skeptical first-time customers, it's important to refine your overall company image .

What Sorts of Graphic Design Services Do You Offer?

Our Graphic Design services cover a broad spectrum of digital and print marketing materials. We can create customizable infographics, illustrations, charts and brochures—all of which are extremely useful for conveying important company information online. Moreover, we also have the capacity to produce more illustrative products, including individual drawings, e-book covers and print ads.

What If I want a New Logo?

If you’re interested in finding a graphic designer to create a new logo for your company or website, consider our Branding and Identity services. Our Branding & Indentity page provides detailed explanations on what sort of logo creation services we offer. Our designers will work closely with you to create a logo that not only grabs your customers' attention but also represents the core values and goals of your company.

Why Does a Good Logo Matter?

Acclaimed writer, Tom Wujec, frequently emphasizes that “we are visual creatures.” As the world today becomes significantly more visual, logo design becomes much more relevant as more and more people become highly visual thinkers. Still skeptical? We offer three strong reasons why a logo matters to any company in today’s modern world:

First, a logo is a testament to who you are and what your business stands for. A logo can show any person how you treat your clients and what you hope to attain from your customer relationships. Identity is crucial when building a brand, and the logo will be the face of your identity for years to come.

A good logo can last for ages—it can be forever! Once a good logo has been created, it never needs to be changed. People respond to a recognizable image, and your logo will stick with them as they go about their daily lives.

Lastly, your logo will appear on everything associated with your product/company! It can be a force of unity and coherence if created properly. Company posters, signs, flyers, and apparel can bring together the overall brand with a stand-out logo.

At ICS, we emphasize the power of building a strong brand—and we hope you will entrust our designers and consultants to help you create the perfect visual identity for your company!

To get started, call or text 715.553.1514 to schedule a free, half hour consultation with our graphic designer.