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 Quality content is what distinguishes your company's website from the lackluster webpages of your competitors.

Content is King! Quality content is what distinguishes your company's website from the lackluster webpages of your competitors. Content acts as the medium through which you communicate your company's message into the hearts and minds of consumers. A customer's first impression of your business will often come from the content available on your website. In order to maintain a healthy online presence and attract potential new customers, it's crucial that your website provides high-quality content that accurately reflects your company's mission.

What is copywriting?

At the core of content creation is the practice of copywriting. Copywriting refers to the use of written text (such as articles, blog posts, or reviews) to promote a business or its products and services. Ultimately, copywriting is important for delivering relevant information to a website's readers and customers—usually with the explicit intent of expanding a business’s consumer base. As businesses continue to grow, however, the demand for copywriting increases dramatically: freshly updated content has never been more important for small businesses.

The Importance of SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a specialized form of online writing that is aimed to boost the rank of your site on search engine page results, such as Google. This type of copywriting emphasizes the use of key phrases or words that your target audience is expected to search when looking for businesses like you. SEO copywriting is vital to driving consistent traffic to your website.

What Makes Good SEO Copywriting?

  1. Identifying your target audience. Target audiences tend to vary depending on the purpose and type of web content. Thus, it's important to be aware of your reader demographics when considering aspects of writing style, tone, and language.
  2. Eye catching headers and bullet points. One of the most important elements of online writing is organization. In order to avoid losing a readers attention, information must be expressed in a clear and organized fashion.
  3. Staying concise. With copywriting of longer word length, it becomes much more likely that readers will either lose interest or forget the most important points in the writing. Clarity and simplicity ensure the most effective utilization of space, leading to a better user experience.
  4. Call to action. The best copywriting not only delivers important information, but also effectively creates a sense of urgency for the customer to act. Quality copy should instigate a response among readers, entreating them to buy that new product or try out this new service.
  5. Editing! Perhaps the most important part of creating premium content. Proofreading your copywriting is how to establish your professionalism. Revise all of your writing and reconsider your approach, making sure there are no errors and that all of the logic is sound. If your business does not professionally advertise its services, consumers will not trust that your products are reliable.

How Can ICS Help Me?

Learning how to write and post premium content to your website can be both tedious and confusing. To solve this issue, we provide our customers with basic copywriting templates and services for all of your content needs. Our customers can choose from a variety of our copywriting services for their website—including:

  • Blog Posts
  • Static Web Content
  • How-To Posts
  • News Stories
  • SEO Articles
  • Rewrites
  • Reviews

Additionally, we offer an easy-to-use content management system that streamlines the updating process. Our system, Joomla, makes it easy to manage your content and writing all from a single location. To ensure that your business receives the best possible copywriting and website management resources, ICS is your best bet.

To get started, call or text 715.553.1514 to schedule a free, half hour consultation with our copywriter.