Joomla Development

Joomla Development Phases from Initial Concept to Rollout

If you're not a tech professional, you may be wondering "Just what is Joomla?" Joomla is a content management system, or CMS. A CMS is a software application that allows nontechnical users to publish content on a website. Joomla is a particularly popular CMS (it is downloaded once every two seconds) as it strikes a nice balance between being robust as well as user-friendly.

Wondering if Joomla is right for you? Joomla is incredibly popular because it works. While WordPress is fine for blogs, Joomla offers enterprise-level functionality. In fact, both the Guggenheim Museum and Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences run Joomla sites, so chances are it will do whatever you need it to. If you want a website that is simple to maintain, cost-effective, and professional, you want a Joomla site.

Phases of Joomla Development

Ready to get started on your Joomla site? Our process for developing a Joomla site happens in five stages:

Phase One: Knowledge

During the information gathering phase, you and our Joomla consultant will discuss the mission of your business and what your company hopes to achieve with a new website. Once we have a better understanding of your business, the design work begins.

Phase Two: Concepting, Design, Layout and Content

During this phase, we’ll work together to select a commercial Joomla template to provide the bones of the site. Using the information you provide, we will work together to develop the site’s structure and hierarchy.
We will then develop the design elements, create the graphic user interface (GUI), and combine text, graphics, and photos into the web pages. In this phase, we always consider your experience and industry reputation so the end product complements your existing branding and marketing materials.

We will include three rounds of revisions to create the look and feel you’re after. Further revisions will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

What we’ll need from you: Any artwork, illustrations, photos, or logos clearly marked as to where they should go on the site. Preferred file formats include transparent EPS, PNG, PSD and JPG. Any fees for stock photography or illustrations and usage rights are your responsibility.

If you have existing content that you are really happy with, we will proofread it to ensure that your site communicates who you are and what you do with clarity and precision. If you're not comfortable writing website copy—or simply don't have the time—we strongly recommend including our copywriting services. During this phase we will also ensure that your copy is search engine optimized—what good is a website if Google can’t find it?


Once you approve the prototype, and we have the text and images ready to go, we will create your fully functional website. (If you’re of the technical bent, this includes slicing and optimizing graphics, creating HTML templates and pages, and implementing light scripting with CSS, jQuery, and HTML5.) The site will be created to run on a Linux server and will be compatible with all popular browsers available for both PC and Mac.

If you are adding any video and/or audio material, we will need it in digital format, ready for online use. All assets delivered to ICS at this time must be in final form ready to be used.

We will install and configure the following standard Joomla components:

  • Akeeba Back-up
  • All Videos
  • Captcha
  • extplorer
  • JCE Editor
  • RSFirewall (optional, commercial component)
  • sh404SEF (optional, commercial component)
  • jSiteMap Pro (optional, commercial component)

These are all necessary for the technical aspects of the operation of your Joomla site.

This step is where the beta version of the site comes to life and you can start using and testing all the features.

Phase Four: Feedback

Now that the website is ready, we want to hear your feedback. If there is anything that needs tweaking, we will make the changes before your Joomla site goes live. Once all changes are completed, we will test the site for usability, debugging it and running quality assurance testing. You’ll have the finished version of your website delivered within three to five business days for your final review.


Your new Joomla site is ready to be shown to the world! In the launch and training phase, the website is made live for customers to see. Training is available to learn how to use the new content management system, so you can make changes to your Joomla website content without knowledge of web coding.

Your website is warranted to be free of defects upon delivery. If you run across any bugs in the first 30 days, just let us know and we’ll fix it—free of charge.

Dressed for Success

When your new Joomla site goes live, congratulations are in order. Your search engine-optimized site will offer great looks and even better functionality. You’ll be ready to succeed online, and it didn’t break the bank.

Ready to start? Complete our Website Planning Guide/Client Questionnaire, and we will follow-up with you to schedule a free, half hour appointment with an experienced Joomla developer.