Internet Security

Preventative Maintenance Saves Time and Brings Peace of Mind

Does your Joomla website have the latest security patches? If not, the website that you spend so much time and money on could be vulnerable to malware. Each year hundreds of websites and databases are corrupted, and rendered useless by malware because their owners neglect to take the necessary security precautions.

Joomla is an excellent platform on which to build your website, but like any other framework, it's constantly being updated. While it may seem like an afterthought in any product-oriented business person's mind, running a website with an outdated version of Joomla can leave your website vulnerable to countless viruses and other strains of malware. Updating your Joomla website's security features yourself can amount to countless hours of banging your head against a keyboard.

Luckily for you, our specialized Joomla team will ensure that your Joomla website is secure for the low price of $24.95/month. Our team will guarantee that your site is in tip-top shape by using the most advanced and efficient security technology. Our service keeps hackers out and prevents revenue-killing downtime.

The package includes monthly preventative maintenance and Joomla updates. Our Joomla developers will update extensions and plugins, so you don't have to. We search for malware and if any is detected, we use the latest technology to immediately remove it from your site and minimize the negative effects it can have.

Additionally, we perform monthly Akeeba back-ups of your website. This ensures there is always a working version of your website in case another third-party service, such as your hosting company, goes down or has their files corrupted. Your back-ups are downloaded to our ultra-secure LAN network to ensure that no matter what happens elsewhere, they will be safe.

We understand that many websites are run on a tight budget and business owners are constantly being offered new products that are integral to their company's success. It's hard to sift through the long list of products and choose the one for your website. What's important to remember is that just one malware attack could render your Joomla website useless for days, weeks, and even indefinitely. This could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue, or huge decreases in a site's user base. More importantly, however, it could mean that your personal information, and the personal information of your trusting users could be put in the hands of hackers and thieves.

Stop worrying about the complexities of Joomla updates and security patching. Give yourself the time to focus on the bigger picture.

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your Joomla website will be protected from malware and other harmful viruses. Allow us to take care of protecting your site so that you can focus on creating dynamic content, gaining users, and growing your business.

To get started, call or text 715.553.1514 to schedule a free, half hour consultation with our Internet Security specialist.