5 Different Ways You Can Use Facebook to Make Money Online
Posted by Joanne Glasspoole
Facebook has many offerings that make it easy to utilize to make money even without buying ads

Facebook is inarguably one of the tech industries biggest success stories. The massive social media company has amassed a whopping one billion users in its ten year history. This has earned it a valuation that extends past the stratosphere. Its latest push to add other potential advertising platforms like Whatsapp has been successful. Many businesses, such as some Fortune 500 companies with big advertising revenue, have realized and taken advantage of this medium between advertisers and consumers. Increasingly, marketers such as yourself have taken a keen interest in advancing your operations via Facebook. This has made advertising on Facebook extremely hard, but there is still hope. Facebook has many offerings that make it easy to utilize to make money even without buying ads. You will learn five of the techniques—that if used—can send you that extra trickle of traffic and/or revenue. Make sure to carefully digest these techniques, because if done right they can send you a torrent of valuable revenue. First, I’m a big believer in the power of our minds to create success in anything we do. This is why all my articles begin with mentally getting ready. Make a commitment to earn. The single most reliable way to guarantee success in making money online and on Facebook is through persistent work. Like any job, setting a schedule and sticking to it is the key. Get excited, scream and shout! You're going to be making some money.

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Engaged by Stone Gallery
Posted by Joanne Glasspoole

Indigo is pleased to announce that we were engaged by Stone Gallery to create a new logo and redesign of their website.