3 Tips For Driving More Traffic From Forums

Posted by Joanne Glasspoole
3 Forum Tips

Forums are a good source of traffic for every website. There are people who rely solely on forums to attract more visitors to their sites. You, however, need to know that unless you know how to rightly tap into this great source, you will not get the good results that you yearn for. If you have been wondering how you can do this, here are 3 tips for driving more traffic from forums.

1. Be active

Nobody will bother to click on the links that you leave in forums if you do not post regularly. Look for threads that relate to your niche and leave a good reply. Start a new thread often and ensure that it is one that will attract people to comment on it by either offering more information or simply asking you to respond to their additional questions. This way, there are people who will be eager to see what you have posted lately and so they will click through to your site.

2. Position yourself as an authority

You should let the people in the forums know that you have expert information in your niche. For instance, if you are in the weight loss niche, ensure that you offer expert advice to anyone who seeks it. Your posts should also show that you fully understand your niche and that anyone who has any question about them can visit your site to learn more. This is sure bait that will help you to get more traffic than you can imagine.

3. Post in reputed forums only

This is where many people go wrong. Just because you can find lots of traffic through forums should not make you to believe that every forum is good for you. If you talk to any experienced website owner who uses forums, they will tell you that in as much as there are good ones; others will only bring your site down. There are forums that people do not want to associate with and if they find out that you are posting there, all they will want to do is to avoid you. Other forums will only bring you traffic that does not convert.

As you can note from these 3 tips for driving more traffic from forums, you need to be very careful with what you do. The good thing is that if you do it right, forums can be a source of reliable traffic for your site.