Joanne Glasspoole

Joanne Glasspoole - Joomla Developer & Consultant, Certified Social Media Strategist & Principal Of Indigo Creative Solutions

Position: Certified Social Media Strategist

Joanne is a Joomla developer & consultant, certified social media strategist and principal of Indigo Creative Solutions. She is detail-oriented, possesses strong organizational skills, maintains sound sales & marketing skills and is blessed with excellent listening & communication skills. Joanne graduated from Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN, in 1999 with a BA from the College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in social sciences. She was certified by the Social Media Academy in 2011 as a social media strategist. In her spare time, Joanne enjoys reading, music, honing new skills, learning French and traveling to far-away places.

LinkedIn: /in/glasspoole

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