Website Planning Tips

Building a website is no different than building a house. You need a blueprint and a solid foundation.

Building a website is no different than building a house. You need a blueprint and a solid foundation. Building a website without having a clear understanding of your goals, who your target audience is, what your competitors do better than you and what you want your users to do when they visit your site is like constructing a new house with a deck of cards.

As Joomla consultants, it is our job to assess your needs, so we have a clear understanding of your business, competition and expectations for your new website.

Planning Action Items

  1. Assess your original site goals. Now is an opportunity to get back into focus with your business goals. What do you want to accomplish with your new website?
  2. Does your server meet the minimum technical requirements for Joomla 3.x? If not, you will need to change hosts. No better time to change hosts then during a redesign/migration.
  3. Make a list of all third-party extensions in use. This includes components, modules, plugins, languages, and templates. Include whether these extensions are used heavily, moderately, hardly ever, or not at all.
  4. Determine whether the third-party extensions you rely on are ready for the version of Joomla you are migrating to.
  5. Determine if you really need all the extensions you are using. Could it be that Joomla 3.x has built in features that could eliminate the use of a third-party extension?
  6. Take a look at your Categories and Articles. Is there clean-up that needs to be done so that you don’t migrate unnecessary content?
  7. What about your template? If you purchased your template from a third-party source, is there a 3.x version released for it? Would you like to continue using it? Is there an upgrade path published by the developer? Is the new version responsive? Is your template a custom template? Or was it heavily customized from a third-party template?
  8. If you are changing out your template for a new one, will it require any new images? For example, if your current site has a white background and your logo or other images are .jpg images with a white background, it won’t look very nice against a new template with an off-white or coloured background.
  9. If you redesign or make changes to your site design or navigation, will you have obsolete pages that will require a redirect?

Ready to start? Complete our Website Planning Guide/Client Questionnaire, and we will follow-up with you to schedule a free, half hour appointment with an experienced Joomla Consultant.